New Construction Inspections

Since older homes may experience wear and tear (like aged plumbing or electrical issues), it’s easy to assume a newly built home is defect-free. This is a huge misconception that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, or significantly decrease your property’s value. If contractors work too quickly or carelessly, they could leave behind a project that only barely meets safety standards. Even the most skilled and dedicated contractors can make mistakes, and if those aren’t caught early, the damage they cause could be exponential.

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Common Problems

Some common problems that can come from a newly constructed home include:

  • Electrical Problems

    A defective electrical system can result in fire hazards, electric shock risks, and even electrocution. Electrical wiring faults can be caused due to improper installation, damaged wires, loose connections, and more.

  • Water Damage

    This issue occurs because water enters through cracks around windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, foundation walls, crawl spaces, attics, roofs, decks, porches, and other areas where moisture collects.

  • Foundation Problems

    Foundation problems include cracks, settling, bulging walls, uneven floors, and more. These types of defects may not show up until after you’ve moved in. If you don’t catch these problems early enough, you could end up with major structural damage.

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